About me

Hi, I'm Sean. I'm a Ruby on Rails developer from Apex, North Carolina. I'm the founder and only employee of Shiro Labs and currently employed fulltime at SpeedDigital.

I see programming as a craft, and like any serious craftsman, I dedicate as much time as I am able to make sure that I'm up to date on modern best practices of software development. I'm a big proponent of OOP and TDD where applicable, and I value a streamlined development environment that lets me concentrate on writing well tested, clean, and maintainable code.

I've been programming in Ruby and Rails now for years and have recently been dabbling in Clojure and Elixir. When I'm not programming, I can usually be found listening to music while gulping down unhealthy amounts of coffee.




A publicly aggregated source of everything that has to do with Washington D.C. A social site enabling users to create posts, upload images, and advertise events. The site is user centric, and registration and authentication is handled by the site, or optionally, by Google via OAuth2. It is equipped with a robust backend admin section. The admin can modify user posts, images, and events, or modify sections of the site itself, such as the header, list of neighborhoods, list of categories, or the colors on the site. The site also features a responsive interface for a better experience on mobile devices.


ontrack Goal oriented fitness tracker integrated with USDA food database for meal planning and a backend admin section with basic CMS functionality.